Do you provide trade prices?

Yes, we offer trade prices for builders and renovators. You can apply for a trade discount, and we provide bonus loyalty discounts that increase with the amount you spend with us, offering greater benefits for continued collaboration.

Should I plan for my shower screen before I build or renovate my bathroom?

Yes, it’s advisable to plan for your shower screen before beginning the construction or renovation of your bathroom. Doing so enables you to integrate the shower screen seamlessly into your bathroom design, potentially saving costs and ensuring it fits perfectly. Proper planning can also help you optimise your bathroom renovations for cost-effectiveness, and we can […]

Do I need to remove my old screen before a measure?

To achieve a precise fit for a custom frameless shower screen, it’s crucial to remove the existing framed or semi-frameless screen before taking final measurements. This allows the installer to accurately assess wall and floor slopes, ensuring a perfect glass panel cut. Measuring the wall next to the old screen is not advisable as frameless […]

Do my walls and floors need to be plumb?

Pre-made screens: It is best if your walls and floors are square with a tolerance of not more than 5mm out of square. Custom-made screens: Custom-made panels can be cut to follow a sloped wall or floor, bellied, bowed or uneven walls.

Why choose Modern Design?

We are a family-owned and operated business. This means that every product we create receives extra attention, care, and a personal touch. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is deeply ingrained in our family values, ensuring that your cabinetry is crafted with love and dedication, making it a special and unique addition to your […]

What payment methods do you accept?

We welcome payments in various forms, including cash, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, and cheque. Additionally, for your convenience, we provide the option of AfterPay if you prefer a payment plan in installments.

Do you offer free quotes and measure?

Certainly, we offer complimentary measurements and quotes throughout New South Wales. With a team of numerous sales representatives, we can schedule an appointment at your convenience.