What part of the kitchen will be the most expensive?

The most expensive part of a kitchen renovation is typically the cabinetry. However, at Modern Design, we provide a variety of cabinetry options to suit different budgets, ranging from entry-level cabinets to those with varnished backs, storage solutions, and adjustable shelves. This allows you to find a cabinetry solution that fits your budget and design […]

What should I consider when designing a new kitchen?

You should choose an award-winning company that is stable, friendly, and has a high level of professionalism. Choose a kitchen with finishes that compliment your personal tastes and preferences. Consider the company’s warranty policy. Check the type of insurance, the duration as well as what the policy covers.

What material is best for a kitchen benchtop?

The best material for a kitchen benchtop depends on your style preference, lifestyle, and budget. If you use your kitchen frequently and are a serious cook, heat and scratch-resistant surfaces like granite or quartz are excellent choices. While laminate may not offer the same level of durability, it is budget-friendly, highly versatile, and available in […]

Why choose Modern Design?

We are a family-owned and operated business. This means that every product we create receives extra attention, care, and a personal touch. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is deeply ingrained in our family values, ensuring that your cabinetry is crafted with love and dedication, making it a special and unique addition to your […]

What is the order process for your Kitchens?

The process of ordering our Guilford kitchen flat pack is both convenient and swift. Simply measure your kitchen, decide on the finishes and materials, and email your ideas to our design consultants for guidance. If you prefer, you can visit our showroom to discuss measurements and designs in person, receive a quote, and place your […]

What payment methods do you accept?

We welcome payments in various forms, including cash, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, and cheque. Additionally, for your convenience, we provide the option of AfterPay if you prefer a payment plan in installments.

Do you offer free quotes and measure?

Certainly, we offer complimentary measurements and quotes throughout New South Wales. With a team of numerous sales representatives, we can schedule an appointment at your convenience.